Medical and Diagnostics

Duwako Precision Engineering b.v. has long-term partnerships with national and international customers in the medical industry and diagnostics. Due to very strict requirements, this market always requires reliable products and services. Therefore the suppliers are expected to deliver such quality that meets these requirements. This is evident in the emphasis that Duwako places on:
• Highly repeatable quality
• Traceability
• Statistical process control and FMEA
• Independent automated production and assembly processes
• ISO 13485 incl. cleanroom assembly for sterile products
• Delivery of complete product lines including sterilization
The medical world is subject to constant price pressure. Thanks to our history and experience, Duwako has been able to become involved at a very early stage of the development of products and modules. Through Value Engineering, Lean programs and the application of state-of-the-art technologies Duwako has a continuous keen eye for the Total Cost of Ownership throughout the entire Product Life Cycle.

The products that Duwako has delivered to this demanding market includes:
• Steppers and applicators
• Brachytherapy devices
• Precision positioning systems and -frames
• Operating table adjustment systems
• Fluid analyzing equipment
• Disposable sets
• High-end operating room beds
• High precision mono parts