Semiconductor and Analytical

For more than twenty-five years, Duwako Precision Engineering b.v. has been a supply chain partner within the challenging semiconductor industry for various national and international customers for both front-end and back-end applications. The semiconductor industry is an extremely demanding and fast changing market mostly characterized by;
• High complexity of parts and modules
• Extremely high rate of technological developments and innovations
• Very high quality parts and extremely clean equipment is required in order to meet the process specifications as applicable
• High sensitivity to cyclical trends: rapid growth and sudden decline
• Time to market is the main key success factor
• Flow delivery, produce to order
Duwako specializes in:
• Automated machining of complex components with highly critical functionalities
• High-quality modules and assemblies for mechatronic applications
• Cleanroom assembly up to ISO class 5
• UHV cleaning, Xtraclean©, vacuum bake out and RGA testing of products
• Various testing procedures according to customer-specific requirements
• Vacuum connectivity solutions, e.g. special push-pull hoods for Sub-D and Harting connectors